More and more people are suffering from a disease called Diabetes. The cause of this condition may vary from one person to another so it is a smart move to learn more about what this disease is really all about.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is also known as Diabetes Mellitus. This condition is described as a group of metabolic diseases wherein an individual has blood sugar (glucose) level; either due to the cause that the cells in his body do not respond well to insulin or due to inadequate production of insulin or it can sometimes be both.


In addition to this, people who have high blood glucose will commonly suffer from frequent urination (polyuria); there is also a tendency for them to be frequently feeling hungry (polyphagia) or thirsty (polydipsia). This disease is considered long-term.

There are three classifications of Diabetes:

  • Type 1 Diabetes

In this type, the body does not produce insulin. A few people may regard this classification of diabetes as early-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. Many people typically develop type 1 diabetes prior the age of 40; commonly in adolescent years or early adulthood.

Moreover, patients afflicted with type 1 diabetes will require insulin injections for a lifetime. They must also ensure right blood-sugar levels through performing blood tests regularly and of course by means of following a special form of diet.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

In this type of diabetes, the body does not produce sufficient insulin in order for it to function properly or the body cells do not respond to insulin which is referred to as insulin resistance. It is estimated that about 90% of all cases globally are of this type.

Some people may have the ability to control their type 2 diabetes symptoms through shedding excess weight and this may be done by executing plenty of exercise, following a healthful diet not to mention monitoring their blood sugar levels. It is valuable to note that type 2 diabetes is generally a progressive disease; in other words, it moderately gets worse so the patient afflicted with this will perhaps end up taking insulin and this will mostly be in tablet form.

Obese and overweight people are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as compared to people with healthy body weight.

  • Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes affects women at the time of conception. Some women have higher sugar levels in their blood and as a result their bodies become incapable of producing adequate insulin to transport all of the sugar into their cells, this leads to progressively increasing glucose levels. The diagnosis of this type of diabetes is made during gestation period.

Patients suffering from gestational diabetes can control this by means of a special diet and regular exercise. Some of them require taking some sort of blood-sugar-controlling medications. It is also very fundamental to know that uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes can increase the risk of the formation of some complications during the period of childbirth.  Further, the baby might be bigger than she/he should be.

The Treatments for Diabetes

Fortunately, even though diabetes is a long-term disease, the good news is that it is manageable and can be controlled.

  • Type 1 diabetes patients are treated with special forms of diet, regular exercise and regular insulin injections.
  • Type 2 diabetes patients are typically treated with special diet, regular exercise, tablets (blood-sugar-controlling medications); however, at times, they are also required to take insulin injections.
  • Gestational diabetes can be controlled by eating the right food and doing some exercise.

It is essential to be mindful that if diabetes is not properly controlled, the patient has greater risks of developing several health complications such as  heart problems, stroke, eye, skin and foot complications, hypertension, hearing loss, mental health, gum disease, erectile dysfunction etc.

There are alternative holistic treatments like which you can check it out.

There are a handful of spices as well as herbs which claim to contain blood glucose lowering properties which make them beneficial for people afflicted with or at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In point of fact, there are a myriad of clinical research which have been administered in recent years that reveal possible links between enhanced blood sugar control and herbal therapies; all of which had resulted to increase in the number of people with diabetes mellitus utilizing these more so-called “natural” ingredients to aid them better manage their condition.


According to The Diabetes Protocol, some of the herbal therapies which are mostly plant-based available today and are believed to have healing properties include:

  • Bilberry extract
  • Ginger
  • Aloe vera
  • Okra
  • Bitter melon
  • Fenugreek
  • Cinnamon

While it is true that such therapies are typically utilized in oriental and Ayurveda medicine for curing severe conditions like diabetes, a great number of health experts in the West still remain incredulous with regards to these herbal therapies’ claimed medical benefits.

In actuality, due to reasons that specific supplements, vitamins and herbs may interact with the medications for diabetes like insulin and optimize their hypoglycemic effects, it is usually disputed that the use of natural therapies could minimize blood glucose to perilously low levels and could increase the risk of other health complications.

Truly, whatever your predetermined reasons for utilizing these particular herbs, you should always consult your plans with diabetes healthcare team or with your doctor to guarantee that they are danger-free for your condition and it is also indispensable to verify the appropriate dose.

Aside from trying herbal therapies to naturally lower your blood sugar levels, there are also other ways on how to control diabetes and some of them comprise of:

Cutting the carbs back.

Take into account that your diet is a very crucial factor which you must discuss with your doctor. However, the reality is that a lower carb diet makes it more effortless to sustain stable blood glucose levels. This is somehow partly associated with the popularity of Paleo Diet at present.

Start getting some light exercise.

With certainty, light exercise can greatly aid reduce your blood glucose level, typically within minutes. Examples of this include bicycle riding and brisk walking.

A lot of beverages can actually help lower your blood glucose very quickly.

Instances of these beverages compose of unsweetened green, white and black tea and surprisingly you can feel the effect of drinking this in as fast as half an hour. More than that, green tea supplements come with positive effect on the blood glucose levels. Red wine is also recommended and loaded with health benefits.

Make it a habit to move around.

Keep in mind that exercise in the short term significantly aids in instantly lowering blood glucose and helps the body torch sugar more effectively in the long term.

Consider weight training

Needless to say, strength training may briefly increase your blood glucose; however, in the course of time, it will help you build the type of muscle which can torch more sugar more proficiently.

Take a Supplement

Many people take supplements for long-range health benefits; however, these will also aid bring down blood glucose comparatively quickly.

Get more sleep.

Essentially, getting more sufficient sleep is a great way to aid abate the body’s insulin resistance. You may even observe that you have greater blood glucose when you do not get adequate sleep. In truth, bad sleep as well as high blood glucose is a bit of a dangerous cycle; in other words, by the time your blood glucose get too high, you do not sleep well and when you don’t get enough sleep, your blood glucose rise up.

drop blood sugar levels


Losing weight was never a problem, not until recent times anyway!

The obsession with losing weight has never been as stressed on as it is today; with global communication and media becoming infinitely more powerful and ever reaching, the whole human civilization has come to idolize its stars and celebrities. This larger-than-life image we have projected into the famous few drove millions of people to become obsessed with being like them, and that is how the culture of losing weight came into existence!

This weight loss culture resulted in a boom in the fitness industry, with gyms becoming more and more widespread everywhere around the world. It has also sprouted its own industry that feeds off the desperation of people and their willingness to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to get skinny without effort. Unfortunately, most of this industry is based on lies and false promises!

Do not be intimidated by this bogus industry, as the key to losing weight is much simpler than they want you to believe!

The formula for losing weight and becoming fit is motivation, patience and hard work.

weight loss tips

Motivation and patience

Being overweight can be very frustrating at times; people can be harsh and hard work can seem to do just about nothing to make things better. Do not succumb to the frustration!

You are on a mission; a mission that is hard, long and tiring, and you must never forget this in your quest to complete this mission! You must stay motivated and be patient until the hard work pays off, which will take some time. You must persevere and march on until these results show, no matter how long that may take, or else all the hard work will have been done in vain.

Keeping your motivation will get you through the pain and exhaustion, and patience will get you to keep going! These are just as important as the work you do to get fit!

The hard work work does not only refer to physical effort, but also the mental effort required to stay positive!

You must invest your time and brain power into understanding your situation and what lies between you and your goal. You must also understand how your body works, what is fat and why it is there, and exactly how your body interacts with its fat reserves. Understanding these key facts will guide you to the right exercises and day to day practices that will put you on your way and make your patience and perseverance worthwhile!

Understanding the science of weight loss is just the first step; you must utilize this knowledge and translate it into action!

Losing fat is attained by controlling the fat intake of the body and actively decreasing it so that over time the body’s fat deposits decline gradually.

Controlling the fat intake is achieved by monitoring and limiting the consumption of foods and beverages that contain large amounts of sugar and processed fats; also known as junk food! You must follow a well-balanced diet to keep your body healthy and strong and allow it to let go of its fat reserves. A good diet will actively cause you to lose weight, but it will be much more effective with exercise!

With exercise, you need to focus on whole body fitness routines such as jogging and aerobics to strengthen the muscles around your entire body and help burn off more fat. This will also reveal a fit body once all the fat is gone, which is a great source of motivation for you to keep going!


Losing weight is tiring and long, but in the end pretty simple!

Follow a balanced moderate diet, exercise often and exercise well, stay happy and be positive no matter how long it takes you to get there! If you need a guide, check out the Weight Destroyer Program!



Humans are visual creatures; we perceive the world around us with our 6 senses, but our eyes are by far the most reaching and most impactful sense we have.    Most of our perception of the world comes from our eyes, and this shows very clearly in our technological advances! So much attention is given to screens and graphical interfaces, even touch screen eliminated what little sense we had in our fingers when using our phones, now you must look at the screen to use it.

Amidst all this visually oriented technology, and even without, having poor eyesight can be a frustrating nuisance! Glasses make it a lot better, but you are still dependent on a fragile frame and weak pieces of glass to show you the world! Even laser eye surgery can be risky or simply unavailable to you, which creates the need improve vision in a natural way and sustain this improvement. If you do not see the point, just ask someone who lost their glasses in less than optimum condition!

Good eyesight has not become so normal nowadays; more and more people are becoming in need of some sort of vision correction, and in some countries this percentage exceeds half the population! We must pay more attention to your eyes and actively resist this deterioration!

Making the change

In order to improve your vision, you must first know what affects it and how, and through this information you can take:

  1. Protective measures to prevent further deterioration of your eyesight and avoid things that are harmful to your eyesight.
  2. Proactive measures actively improve your eyesight.

Protective measures

Preventive measures include examining your daily vision habits and identifying times when you are harming your eyesight, such as extended periods of looking at screens without adequately resting your eyes, excessively wiping your eyes with your fingers or looking directly into bright lights such as the sun or electric welding arcs. You should always wear your glasses and never put strain on your eyes for no reason, and wear sunglasses in bright conditons. It is also advisable to always stay well hydrated, as your eyes can become dry and this can cause damage to your eye’s structure over the long run.

These measures are important to prevent the worsening of your eyesight and give it the chance to rest and respond to the proactive measures you will take to improve it!

Proactive measures

There are eye exercises that you can do to improve the performance of your eye muscles which have a profound effect on the quality of your vision. These eye exercises are not mainstream practices in the vision correction field, but they are a different approach that believes in the eye’s ability to adapt itself and correct its own errors. Practitioners of these methods argue that the mainstream practices encourage your eye musculature to accept its error and remain reliant on external aids such as corrective lenses, while eye exercises provide a more natural and sustainable improvement. These exercises should ideally be accompanied by a healthy balanced diet and sufficient sleep, not just for your eyes but for your whole body to be healthy and more able to benefit from these exercises. Here's a short video showing a simple eye exercise technique:

Focus exercise

Hold a small object at eye level and bring it closer to your face then move it away until your arms are fully stretched. This exercise takes your eye through its entire focal length and with time should strengthen your muscles and give you more control over them. Repeat this exercise daily.

Stretch exercises

Roll your eyes in a full circle at least 10 times in each direction, and then fix your eyes on each of the 12 locations of the clock at the very edge of your eyesight for a few seconds, with small resting periods in between. These exercises stretch your eye muscles and loosen then up, allowing them to be more flexible and allow more control.
These are only the main eye exercises performed, be sure to read more on the subject (Restore My Vision Today) and know what to avoid before you start!

Getting that picturesque set of abs has been the dream of many men for hundreds of years, and has even become the goal of many women in today’s modern world which is obsessed with fitness and the perfect figure. Getting great abs is such a widely handled topic that numerous scams have appeared to capitalize on people’s desperate need for success.

Many of these scams claim that they have discovered the ‘best’ or the ‘only’ way to get great abs, but the shocking simple truth is that everyone knows the secret but they just try their best to pretend they don’t! And these scammers know that and that is why their illusions work.

The truth is indeed simple yet inconvenient. Getting what you want, whether it be perfect abs or a billions dollars, can be achieved by hard work and little else.


The inconvenient truth

The fact that it all comes down to hard work is what people are afraid to admit, and so they convince themselves that there must be another way, and easier way, of getting what they want.

There isn’t.

Getting perfect abs will require a tremendous effort on your part and you must accept and embrace this reality before you take on this endeavor! You have to be aware that you will work yourself to the limit, you will be tired and exhausted, you will feel pain and you will suffer in one way or another, but that is an unavoidable reality and the sooner you accept it the better.

Accepting this fact and not avoiding or dreading hard work already gets you halfway through the process! The rest of the process requires patience and perseverance. You have to start brave, stay brave and battle it out till the end. It is as simple as that!

Learning the facts

Perseverance and hard work give the best results when you know what you are doing; understanding how your body works and what affects your abs is essential. An important fact you need to know is that having great abs is about two things; having little belly fat and lots of muscle. This piece of information and many others are crucial to allow you to devise and follow the right lifestyle that will get you to your goal in the best way possible.

Yes, lifestyle. Not just workouts, not just diets, but a whole lifestyle dedicated to the transformation you want to make.

Your diet

You should not starve your body or live in deprivation. The key is to have a balanced diet with minimal harmful food and reasonable portions. Remember that you do not want to lose fat, but also gain muscle, and this will put your body under stress. Without proper nutrition, the whole process will backfire and you risk weakening your body and ruining your health. Your diet should be balanced, controlled and supporting to your exercise regime.

Your fitness

It does not say your abs exercises, but your fitness as a whole. Having a strong abs area is much easier if your entire body is fit. Working on your abs only and disregarding the rest of your body will make it extremely inefficient to lose fat and build muscle in one single area alone, and your body will even look unnatural and asymmetrical after you got your perfect abs!

To have perfect abs, you must have a good body in general, which means a good general level of fitness. You will surely concentrate more on your abs, but you must pay attention to the surrounding areas of your body as well. A fit body with strong core muscles is also important to support your body in any exercise you do!

According to The Truth About Six Pack Abs, the abs area contains several muscle groups, and it is necessary to work them all by using a variety of abs exercises such as crunches, leg lifts, planking and many other abs exercises. The key is doing these exercises together with increasing rate to sculpt the whole abs area not just one muscle group!


Women the world over have had to contend with weight problems.  It is not something that has began now but has been on for over the years.  Weight problem is one of the conditions most women have to contend with.  Interestingly and in the digital era, websites are full of easy weight loss tips for women.  Most of these have been written by people who are out to make money faster and do not work.  Losing weight does not have to be costly or expensive as most people have made it look and seem.  There are simple and tested ways that have worked wonders for most people.

Weight loss simply requires a simple routine and lifestyle change.  The first and most important item to put into the list is died.  Many people would wish to lose without but do not want to opt for lower calorie foods.  Food in the real sense contributes to the extra weight gain that women have overtime.  Excess calorie consumption takes place gradually and by a time the signs start showing a lot of fat has been stored wrongly around the body.  Excess weight is not good for the body organs and can be fatal if not handled in good time.

There are many simple ways that women can use to maintain their weight without having to register themselves in the gym or any health facility providing such services.  First of all it is important to accept that there is danger and known how much weight you intend to lose.  Such will enable you to have a goal plan and give yourself a time frame.  With a will power and time frame, it is easier to put more efforts and obtain your goal in record time.

Working out is good but is only excellent when maintained.  It can be quite temporary.  To avoid such temporary weight loss there are proven ways that can be used to lose weight once and for all.  Such include:-

  • Walking – walking might look simple and inconsequential but it is one of the best ways to shed those unwanted kilos.  There are simple ways to do it.  Take the stairs each day or simply pack your cars a mile or two from your destination.  You will be surprised how fast and efficient you would have lost the extra pounds.  If you need company why not take your children with you each evening.  You will enjoy yourself.
  • Eat less – reduce the amount of calories you consume each day.  Ensure that in your diet you have all the required nutrients but it lesser quantity.
  • Enjoy your sex life – this might sound a little off but if you have never known sex enables you to literally burn energy from every part of your body.
  • Avoid crash diets at all cost – they are expensive and not worth the effort.  They in the end will deplete your body of required nutrients and somehow, you will gain the weight faster than when you lost it.

Finally, remember you are not alone and many women are struggling to lose weight just as you are.  Have a positive mind and have a goal.  Whatever your women weight loss program consistency is a must have.  Ensure that you try to walk for at least 30 minutes each day if possible.  If not do it every other day.  You will feel light, sexy and healthy when you have shed the excess weight.  You can do it and do not wait any longer.  Why put your health at risk when you can choose today to live longer and healthy.  Remember and healthy body and a healthy mind go together with a right approach, you will make it.

If there is anything most people dread mostly women it is aging.  (If you're looking for the best effective way to reverse aging and learn the secrets on how to look young again, then read this: Such go to great lengths to ensure that they remain your forever despite their biological clocks ticking.  As we age the body systems slows and without the right diet digestion slows down and other deficiencies settle in.  It is important from the start and before the body slows down to a complete stop to ensure that a person consume according to studies and health experts anti-oxidant diets.   Water also plays a very crucial component in our bodies.  The amount of water one consumes each day will amongst other things help keep free radicals and keeps the colon in perfect order.

One does not have to spend numerous amount of money to stop aging.   A change in lifestyle like diet, exercise and a positive mind will take you a long way.  Old age comes with many conditions which you can try to avoid at all cost.  If you are in a position to exercise do so in moderation.  Diet is also very important consuming fruits and vegetables in plenty will help lower your calorie.   Avoid processed foods at all cost and eat healthily for a longer life.   Some of the following conditions will help you keep healthy and longer:-

Less stress – stress is not good for the body as a whole.  The less stress the better.  Attend only to what you can because tomorrow has enough problems to take care of.  Ensure that you avoid stress and or stressing conditions at all cost.  A stress free life will see you a long way in keeping you healthy.

Yoga – just like exercise and diet yoga has helped many people slow down their aging process.  Yoga is quite therapeutic and should not only be undertaken by the young generation.  There are simple exercises that can be undertaken right at home without the help of a professional.


Detoxification - Toxins are an unfriendly lot and should not be given time to reside in your body.  Flush them out as soon as you can.  A clean colon is the body’s lifeline.  Detoxify as often as you can to keep your system running and in good health.  Environmental pollution and the foods we eat contribute drastically to the amount of toxins in our bodies.

It also important to note that aging is usually in the mind; do not allow your skin to age beyond what it should be.  Try as much as possible to make the whole process as natural as you can.  Supplements are good but only when there is no other option.  We live at a time when we can still find a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables which if possible we should include in our diet.  Remember diet is very crucial if you want to live longer and avoid aging at any cost.  If you have to take supplements please seek the services of your general practitioner, avoid buying over the counter supplements.

It is also interesting to note that unlike our parents and grand-parents, we can choose the lifestyle we want to live.  There is a lot of information on how to keep tags on your lifestyle and on which foods to avoid.   To avoid unnecessary aging – control your weight and avoid all forms of obesity.  Eat in moderation by ensuring that only foods that are healthy are consumed.  Lastly, to keep your body functioning and in rehydrated ensure that you keep aside all forms of caffeinated drinks and alcohols.  If you have to take such do so in moderation.  Whatever you do, remember that temperance plays a crucial part.